Ever wonder what makes a good game? Is it the graphics? The sound? The story? The difficulty curve? Certainly these all have their part to play, yet a single unified answer remains elusive, and I'm sure you can think of many instances in which a game has performed admirably on any number of 'key' factors and yet been an entertainment failure. Fundamentally, however, games are about having fun, and if the designer doesn't have fun making the game, it's a safe bet that no single technical triumph is going to save it from mediocrity.

My name is Sean Kelly. I am a game designer, and this is my label. I have fun making games without worrying about pushing the bleeding edge. I work with the tools I have available to make the games I want to see. This is a rare luxury in the modern game industry, largely because it is a financial dead-end. Consequently, this is not my job (donations are appreciated...), but rather a liberation from my job, done out of a passion for the field. I can't promise you'll love everything you find here, but if you do find anything worth getting psyched up about... let's just say it wasn't an accident.

Welcome to Psych Software. Enjoy your stay!