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Comic is currently on relocation hiatus until... the Unverse says it's not. See the news posts for details.
What to say? It's the start of the new year, and I do have a positive outlook. Just... no new comic. Long story short, September and October all went very well- too busy to work on the comic, but very well. Early November, when I'd planned on being done with the hard job/relocation stuff and moving on to clear sailing, high spirits, and more artiness... I instead fell into a very lovingly administered metaphorical kidney punch. Scratch the next month and a half. I did make some headway over the holidays, but nothing spectacular, and on the whole I'm starting to realize that I still don't have all the supports up under my new life to be able to just divert excess creative energy into the comic as I used to, and sans external motivation, that's really where Diodes has been coming from. I never intended to do this, but I'm gonna call it like it is: As of New Years 2010, Smoke-Emitting Diodes is well on its way to the big hiatus in the sky. Not saying I won't be back, but I can't predict when the pieces will all fall into place again. I have the story to tell, the time, the resources, etc., just... not the mood. Until that comes back, if anyone reads this and wants to see more comic, ping me. It will only help, and may get me at least doing some occasional keep-the-rust-off updates. Be well, and for those of you actually following the comic, thanks so much for your patience until when and if the party starts up again :)
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The following table is as much to convince me that I have more material as it is to convince you. I'll try to keep it updated. What I list in it is exclusively stuff I haven't posted. All strips are in reserve, all plot arcs haven't been more than hinted at, if that, in strips posted so far.

What's to come:
Finished buffer:3 strips
Sketched buffer:4 strips
Plot arcs detailed:~1
Plot arcs hypothesized:~2

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