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Kirby's Dreamland

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- To access a harder version of the game, hit ^+A+[select] on the title screen. The words "EXTRA GAME" will appear. The second game is significantly more difficult than the original, especially towards the later levels. Oddly enough, however, most bosses don't increase in difficulty nearly as much as their sub-bosses. In a brief boss overview:
- Whispy Woods II: Roughly every other thing to fall out of his branches is a bouncing spiny, so get used to catching apples in the middle of evasive jumps. You can still seek shelter directly against Whispy's trunk, but be careful not to jump when down there or you'll take damage from his face. His wood-chips/air-pellets also come more rapidly and sporratically in his second form.
- Lololo & Lalala II: The same, only double-speed. Best idea is to grab a box on one pass, jump/drop to a different level, and hit the first one you can from behind even if it means waiting until their next pass.
- Kaboola II: Faster and more spastic. Cannon bursts will come in sets of 3 and her bouncing/charging will no longer be purely horizontal. Same all-out air barrage should still work provided you go in with nearly full health.
- Kracko II: Far easier than Kracko 1. Stay in either the lower-left or lower-right corners, jump to dodge his charges, and catch the bomb that falls nearest to you to spit back at him when you can.
- Dedede II: A royal pain. Fortunately, there's a set safe response to each one of his attacks when encountered under reasonable circumstances (e.g. don't let yourself get trapped against the side of the screen). When he runs at you unarmed, run at him and jump when you're roughly one of his body widths away. Only jump, don't fly, or you'll slow down and get creamed by his dive/vacuum. If he charges with his hammer, let him stop at his attack range then step back to catch a star. Return it only when he isn't executing an attack that creates another star or you won't hit Dedede himself. When Dedede jumps, 75% of the time it will be as part of a 3-jump combo. Each time, be sure to run towards where he jumped from. If you run away, you'll find that you inevitably end up where he was aiming all along, and if you stand still you'll at least be hit by a star. Once you get the hang of running towards to dodge, you should be able to pick up the stars from this attack to shoot back at him. If he uses his hammer jump, it's because you were flying and there's really no good dodge I know of. This is why in the final battle it actually behooves you to avoid flying at all costs since jumps will clear anything to be avoided by leaving the ground and flying just makes you slow.
- To access a test panel, hit v, B and [select] at the title screen. From this menu you can edit Kirby's lives (up to 9), vitality (up to 6 points) and get a sound test.
- It's worth mentioning one little secret which has been replicated in nearly every remake/remix of the original Kirby's Dreamland levels- the moon at the top of the long vertical starry area leading to Kracko in Bubbly Clouds inevitably leads to a hidden area containing food, lives, and other bonuses. In the original KD, however, you must be in freefall to catch up to and grab the power-ups.

Kirby's Pinball Land

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- To fight the bosses of all the levels (not for points), hold >+[select] and hit B. The high scores will show up, and a black cat will walk from the left to the right of the screen. When you begin a game, you will be taken straight to the boss of each level with infinite lives, but you can't get a high score this way.
- To play all the bonus levels (not for points), hold <+[select] and hit A. The high scores will show up and a white / siamese cat will walk from from the right to the left of the screen. When you begin a game, you will be able to the special stage in whatever level you choose. You can't get a high score this way either.

Mega Man

Dr. Wily's Revenge

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- Nice straightforward game. 4 bosses from NES MM1, 4 from NES MM2. Here's how to beat the game:

- First, take out Elec Man. His stage is annoying, with all the fans and timed phase blocks over pits, but if you look before you leap, you can make it through safely. Fire like mad with the plasma cannon when you drop into the boss room and try to avoid the quick little bugger and his lightning wave.
- Next, go to Ice Man. You may want to use Elec Man's Thunder Beam to take out the scworm tubes, but I'd save it for the boss. Careful on the ice, avoid the spikes, and know the layout of the falling icicle rooms before trying to go through them. When you get to ice man, jump or duck his slow-moving waves if you can (each one takes about a quarter life bar). Fortunately, Thunder Beam does as much damage to him as he does to you, and is harder to avoid.
- Hmmm... ice and fire are usually mutually exclusive, and you didn't use fire on ice, so the next stage is pretty obvious. Use the Ice Slasher on anything that burns too painfully (freez a horizontal burner to get to a nice large life dot late in the level), including the boss. I believe 4 hits is enough to take Fire Man out.
- Lastly, pick up the most generally useful weapon in the game (annoying isn't it? In MMII, it's best to get the useful one first). Go to CutMan's stage and use either the standard cannon or Thunder Beam for most of the level. Freeze the annoying invincible scissors to get past them easily. The biggest trick here is the long horizontal treadmill screen with the buzz saws. Freeze, blast, repeat, and hope you don't fall. When you get to the boss, use Fire Storm. Try to hit CutMan with the shot, but I found that the temporary shield usually gets more boss-contact.
- When you finish CutMan (or the last boss in your order), you also get a fairly bland little floating platform called 'Carry', which you're forced to use in the last couple levels. Go to Wily's Fortress part one, and snag at least the one up from the starting room. Equip the Rolling Cutter (the massive damage more than compensates for the limited range) and plow on through. Use the boss weapons as you see fit (mainly the Ice Slasher), and equip Carry whenever you are about to go down a drop you don't know, or a drop you do know will land you on spikes. Using Carry in midair creates a platform under you, which can be a lifesaver. When you reach the teleport room (incedentally, there's no excuse, especially with rolling cutter, not to leave the mole tunnels with anything less than full life and weapons, and no excuse but time not to leave with less than 5 lives), take the hatches in clockwise order from lower left. Use
- Ice Slasher on Flash Man
- Flash Buster on Quick Man (but take him down to half life with the normal cannon first, you don't want to use up your time freeze and then take lethal damage)
- standard plasma on Bubble Man (most guides say use Quick Boomerang, but the regular cannon does just as much damage, and has a longer range, so against such a slow boss, it's actually a good choice)
- Bubble Lead on Heat Man (fire right after he dashes, and watch for when he charges his shield so you can jump in time)
- When going into Quick Man and Heat Man, if you're at less than 3/4 life and have lives to spare, I wouldn't bother using a boss weapon, you'll probably die anyway. Just go in and learn as much of the bosses pattern as you can before dying so you have a bigger advantage when you go back with full life.
- Next, you fight one of the toughest small bosses (as in not huge wily machines) you'll face in any MM game, and get what I consider to be the most beastly weapon in the history of clasic MegaMan. Time to meet Enker. Stay in the center of the screen. If he jumps, try and run to the side he was on when he jumped. When he runs, jump. He'll raise his sword in a charging position (any shots you fire are attracted to it, and he gains charge with each one that hits, but this is the only time to hit him), release his charge in a very painful energy wave, and then move to the other side of the room by running, jumping, or both. Cycle repeats. Just fire like hell when he's standing sill and jump as soon as he moves from his charge position. Boss impact takes only 2 life or so, while Enker's shots take off something on the order of 3 times the number of shots you hit him with, minimum one. When done, you are rewarded with a (did I mentin excessively beastly?) reflective shield with a surprisingly low energy consumption rate. Any regular shot (i.e. met, joe, spinny turret) that hits it is reflected out again to damage (and usually kill) enemies.
- Second stage Wilyville is somewhat difficult, but not too much. Make your way through, when you get to any hopping guardians, freeze them as soon as they're vulnerable, and fire a single rolling cutter. Poof. In the first phase platform room, just equip carry, and follow the path made out for you. In the second room, get the timing of the platform embedded in your skull before you start. The patforms follow a fixed pattern up until the very end of the room. 1st- easy. 2nd- easy. 3rd- easier (goes down). 4th- ouch (appears right above 3rd, with spikes below when 3rd disappears). Repeat.
- When you get to the Wily machine, if you have less than 3/4 life and lives to spare, just die. When you have enough life, equip rolling cutter, stand about one block back from the mouth (where half the launched cutters are guranteed to miss you), and fire repeatedly. Crunch, crunch, crunch, boom. You'll be at about half life now, but no matter. Next is the easy bit. Equip the most nifty, spiffy and really smeggin' beastly MM weapon from Enker (point taken yet?) and get ready. Boss cannon down- you shield up. Boss cannon fire- shot go ping, boss go ouchie. Canon go up. Cannon fire. Cannon go down- you shield up. Repeat process. The only dangerous part is the claw, but if you stay in the center of the screen and move back to the side opposite the boss as soon as the claw moves, you should be fine. Just for refference, however, if the timing is such that either you shield and get clawed, or run and get zapped, get clawed. It's less painful. After about 8 successful reflections, the boss is toast, wily jumps out and decides to become your slave, and the credits roll (hey, why didn't they use the boss facials in the selection screen??).

Mega Man II

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- Billed as the easiest MM GameBoy game, MMII contains 4 NES MM2 bosses and 4 NES MM3 bosses. Here's a brief walkthru:

- Start with Metal Man. The only trick to his level is knowing the spike locations in the initial drop (usually right under the opening you just fell through). Pause before each spike smasher and then run under it as it rises as soon as there's enough room. For the boss, stay at the left side of the screen, fire, and jump. If you time it right, you can jump forward over every set of blades MetalMan fires, but even if you get hit every time, you'll still only lose half your life by the time he dies (assuming you've kept up your fire). Once you beat MetalMan, use the blade launcher as your primary weapon for the rest of the game. It's dirt cheap in energy and it fires in 8 directions.
- Metal cuts wood, so the next stage to visit is Woodman's. Use the metal blade as your primary weapon, and use Rush Marine for the aquatic rooms. When you get to the high blockhead himself, simply launch blades as soon as his shield is down. Nice 4-hit kill.
- Conterintuitively, the boss you go after with the Leaf Shield is AirMan (I guess they clog his fan??). The biggest difficulty in AirMan's stage is the chronic lack of ground. Make sure you know where you're jumping to, and use the leaf shield to protect yourself from the annoying mini-pipis. AirMan is a breeze, both literally and figuratively. Simply fire a leaf shield between his tornado volleys. This is the only 1-2 hit kill boss I know of in the gameboy MM series.
- I have to say that Rush Jet is more useful in ClashMan's level than the air gun is on the boss. Kill the annoying tin-can Tellys as they appear, and fly over any annoyingly large pits. ClashMan will always jump when you fire, but the air shooter fires upwards, so you'll always hit. Unfortunately, the weapon will give out when ClashMan is at one life, and you'll just have to jump and finish him with the plasma cannon.

Next, the teleporter room. Go clockwise, I believe from the the upper-left corner, taking the bosses as follows (if you've played the NES MM3, you'll notice remarkably accurate level reproductions here):
- HardMan: run over the bear traps, and use the leaf shield on the bees. When you get to HardMan, don't worry about his fists. Dodge them if you can, but be sure to stay out from under him when he jumps. Turn and pummel him with the plasma cannon for a fairly easy brute-force kill.
- TopMan: The level loses something on the gameboy, without the flashy rock concert lighting, but it's straightforward enough. Fly over any areas you aren't comfortable jumping. A few hits from hard knuckle when TopMan isn't spinning will finish him off.
- NeedleMan: probably the most accurate MM3 level reproduction. Simple enough to navigate, just time your passage of the ceiling telescope spikes carefully. A few hits of top spin will knock NeedleMan out. If you want more challenge, or just want to try something other than the metal blade, the needle gun makes a decent primary weapon, with a high firing rate.
- MagnetMan: Goodie. The fun level. The metal blade is great for killing the mag-flys in the first section of the level (fire up as soon as you start to be lifted. Don't jump over pits under mag-flys, and use Rush Jet liberally (phase block rooms...) and you should make it out fine. Pump needles at MagnetMan whenever he isn't shielded for a fairly easy kill.

- And now for something completely different. Drop through the floor and fight Quint. This is an interesting, but fairly easy battle. Run under Quint and hit him when he's drilling (note: you must hit Quint himself, his pogo-hammer is invincible). Your reward is what I consider to be the most unusual weapon in the MegaMan series. Half pogo-stick, half jack hammer, the Sakugarne is useful for all of zero things. True, it is the only special weapon to significantly affect the final boss, but if you try to use it there, you'll die pretty quickly.

- Satellite Wily: Wily's exospheric time lab is a fairly easy level. Just use all your special weapons for their intended purpose, and pick up all the E tanks you see if you aren't maxed already. When you reach the final boss, prepare for a nice long fight.
- Stage I- Hopping Mad Dodo Machine: Enter the room, watch the boss fill his life bar, then SLIDE. Any other move will result in serious squash damage, as well as difficulty in establishing the proper timing pattern. Fire at Wily's windshield when the bird is stationary and dodge the projectiles as best you can. When he jumps, slide under him and repeat the process. If you have enough to spare, you might want to use an E tank after this, so you recover to to full life when the boss does.
- Stage II- Mobile Dino: Much nicer. Fire at the windshield and dodge the projectiles. Use an E tank upon completion.
- Stage III- Stationary Rex: See Stage II. This time, however, the projectiles are much less friendly. When done, sit back and watch the credits (but why can't MegaMan get nice things like the HappyMissile and Rush Space Fighter for use in the player-controlled portion of the game?)

Mega Man IV

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- There is a way to get a free weapons upgrade in MMIV, if you have the time. Go to any stage and die. Keep dying until you have the option to continue or go to the stage select. Continue. Repeat this process of dying and continuing until you've continued about 5 times. At this point you will be called into Dr. Light's lab. He'll tell you he didn't expect Wily's forces to be so strong, and that you'll need a mega buster upgrade. The upgrade lasts until you turn off the GameBoy.


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- Enter the given Game Genie code (all 3 lines), substituting the given values for "xx" in each line. Go to the field between Mt. Moon and Cerulean City (left from the city, in the small enclosure), fight in the grass. You'll find the pokemon you entered in the code. They'll be level 10, so you may have to work on them a bit. This list is far from complete. I'll add to it when I can.


??'M?? (missingno?): 00
rhydon: 01
kangaskhan: 02
slowbro: 08
ivysaur: 09
gengar: 0e
nidoqueen: 10
cubone: 11
lapras: 13
spearo: 14?
MEW: 15
gyardos: 16
shellder: 17
tentacool: 18, 20, 24, 29, 2e
gastly: 19
growlithe: 21
onix: 22
fearow: 23
slowpoke: 25
kadabra: 26
graveler: 27
chansey: 28
mr.mime: 2a
hitmonlee: 2b
hitmonchan: 2c
arbok: 2d
psyduck: 2f, 30, 32
magmar: 33
MISSINGNO.: 34, 38, 3c, 3d, 3e, 3f
electabuzz: 35
magneton: 36
koffing: 37
mankey: 39
seel: 3a
diglett: 3b

dragonite: 42, 79, 90, 6F, FE, ...
meowth: 4d
vulpix: 52
kabuto: 5a
sandshrew: 60
jolteon: 68
vaperon: 69
caterpie: 7b
machamp: 7e
snorlax: 84
alakazam: 95
bulbasaur: 99
porygon: AA
charmander: b0
vileplume: BB
bellsprout: bc
sailor (trainer): CC
Juggler (trainer): DD
Koga (trainer): EE
Gentleman (trainer, $): F1

Wario Land

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- To enter debug mode, once you enter a level, pause and hit [select] EXACTLY 16 times. To change the numbers, hold B, use < and > to change the box-cursor's position and ^ and v to raise or lower the number.

Zelda: Link's Awakening (non-color)

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- Enter "ZELDA" as the player's name and the music changes (Zelda tango?).
- Equip both bombs and arrows. hit A and B at the same time to launch the Zelda equivalent of a missile. For the cost of one bomb and one arrow, you can combine the two into an arrow that explodes on contact with a surface.
- Hit [select] (world map) just as you leave a screen. If timed correctly you will warp to the opposite edge of the next screen, or possibly skip a whole screen. This can be used to get to a small island area in the rafting course (from the side of one of the waterfalls at the beginning of the course), from there you can swim through the course, or fly with the flying rooster and get all the powerups (which reappear after you travel a few screens). "Try this in dungeons too! La La La!" (Mombo Fish)
- If the bomb/arrow and other 2-item combinations aren't enough for you, try using one item, quickly switch items, and using another item for a bigger attack. One example of this is to equip Pegasus Boots and Roc's Feather, dash, jump from the dash, then before you get very far, equip shield and sword for a flying attack leap (utterly useless given the setup involved, but entertaining if you're bored). You can also use weapons and such (like the fire rod or bow) during a jump.
- For a fun warp, go to the fishing pond. Catch a fish, and say no when asked to fish again. Immediately hit A, B, [start] and [select] and say continue. You will be at the fishing pond, but you will be able to move around. Jump in the water (with the flippers) and exit at the left side of the screen. You'll warp to a glitched raft shop and immediately fall through the floor, ending up outside the shop.
- Hit a chicken many times with any weapon to trigger a chicken attack. This works in almost any Zelda game.
- Yes, I know there are many more fun little things to do in Zelda (involving Marin, magic powder, and many other things) but they wouldn't be appropriate for a public web page :D (actually, I just can't remember them all right now, and many, if not all of them are non-crucial to the game).