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Welcome to SGIC, the online repository of Sean "seanstar" Kelly's nigh-encyclopedic trivia, cheats, hacks and strategy spanning multiple systems of the '90s and late '80s. Most site content, and all recent content, has been tested and proven to work. If you find that any code or strategy just doesn't work, or if you have info you'd like me to review and post, please drop me a line at You can also check out my links and stuff.

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Last Update: 10/21/06

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it's the next best thing to real pot!

New Stuff

Date What Was Added
10/21/06 I got Final Fantasy X for my birthday in August, and just finished it this week. While it's too new for the site's main sections, it really needed to be added to the reviews page in my ongoing ranking of the FF series. While I was there, I also cleaned up a few of my earler FF reviews in the preexisting list. The short story: play FFX. It's a great game.
6/4/06 BBQ Troll
Over the first couple weeks of summer, I got back into Azure Dreams for Playstation. Seeking some form of comprehensive monster guide, I realized just how few resources exist on the game on the modern internet. One recurring document I did find was the Azure Dreams Tactical FAQ, written by PSXMTL in 1998 and abandoned before any further revision. Seeing it contained a greater breadth and depth of information than any other document I came across, I tried to contact PSXMTL about expanding it and adding it to SGIC. Being notified by my mail server that PSXMTL's contact address is now defunct, I have taken on a solo effort to, if not finish what PSXMTL started, at least bring his guide closer to completion. Guide version 1.2, containing all of PSXMTL's original content and my own clearly annotated additions is now here on SGIC in the Playstation section.
3/18/06 Engage Monkey Drive!
SED has been sapping most of my website inspiration of late, and PS2, GC and GBA are robbing me of precious retro gaming initiative, so SGIC has indeed been put on the back burner. Thanks to spring break, however, I've had time to get back into some older games, drastically expanding the Kirby Super Star SNES entry and adding a true final level guide for Genesis Shinobi III. Nothing much new on the horizon, however.

Old updates

-universal button shorthand:
^ = up
v = down
< = left
> = right
for other buttons, see corresponding section.

PSX Games

O = circle
X = cross
[tri] = triangle
[squ] = square
L1 = L1
L2 = L2
R1 = R1
R2 = R2
[start] = start
[select] = select
['action'] = whatever button you've set for "action"

- Armored Core: Project Phantasma
- Azure Dreams
- Command&Conquer Red Alert
-Final Fantasy Tactics
-Final Fantasy VII
-Jet Moto
-Jet Moto 2
- Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete
- Mega Man Legends
-MegaMan X4
-MegaMan X6
-Star Ocean: the Second Story
-Suikoden II

SNES Games

A = A
B = B
X = X
Y = Y
L = L button (not d-pad left)
R = R button (not d-pad right)
[start] = start
[select] = select
['action'] = whatever button you have assigned 'action' to

-Battle Cars
-U.S. Final Fantasy 2 (Japan FF4 easy version)
-U.S. Final Fantasy 3 (Japan FF6)
-Kirby Super Star
-Mega Man X
-Super Mario Kart
-Super Metroid (Metroid III)
-Tales of Phantasia
-Yoshi's Island
-Zelda: A Link to the Past

Game Boy Games

A = A
B = B
[start] = start
[select] = select
['action'] = whatever button you have assigned 'action' to

-Kirby's Dreamland
-Kirby's Pinball Land
-Mega Man (Wily's Revenge)
-Mega Man II
-Mega Man IV
-Pokemon (Game Genie)
-Wario Land
-Zelda: Link's Awakening (non-color)

Nintendo Games

A = A
B = B
[start] = start
[select] = select
['action'] = whatever button you have assigned 'action' to

-Kirby's Adventure
-Mega Man
-Mega Man 2
-Mega Man 3
-Mega Man 4
-Super Mario Bros.
-Zelda, the Legend of

Genesis/MegaDrive Games

A = A
B = B
C = C
[start] = start
['action'] = whatever button you have assigned 'action' to

-Cyborg Justice
-Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master
-Sonic the Hedgehog
-Sonic the Hedgehog 2
-Sonic the Hedgehog 3
-Sonic & Knuckles
-Streets of Rage

Turbo Grafx / PC Engine and associated CD/HuCard systems

I = I
[run] = run
[select]= select
['action'] = whatever button you have assigned 'action' to

-Bonk's Adventure
-Bonk's Revenge
-Gate of Thunder (CD)
-Keith Courage


-Game Pics & Art
-Game/Series Reviews
- Downloads section (page music, etc.)
-JDE- Seanstar's own Java Dance Engine (public alpha)

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