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7/19/05 No update here, but since this is the link I gave a few people, I figured it would be best to say that, CTCon being far more about webcomics than classic gaming, all my CTCon '05 stuff is going up as Smoke-Emitting Diodes news rather than SGIC news.
5/5/05 c2d soul collector
Getting inspired to take another look at Nemesis' Sonic 2 ROM breakdown and a few of the hacking tricks posted by Sonic Hachelle-Bee has led me to another series of Game Genie codes for Sonic the Hedgehog 2 to, among other things, remove water from stages so they can be played 2-player. With luck I'll be able to work out the cause of the graphics glitching and make a final set of codes to mitigate that as well.

While it's not a real update, I added nedstat tracking to the bottom of this page on 7/14/05.
3/13/05 A noise ordinance for sparrows.
Thanks to some downtime at home and the arrival of the CDX I ordered in December, I've had a chance to throw up a few general hints for NES Kirby's Adventure and Genesis Streets of Rage, as well as revisiting the existing GameBoy Kirby's Dreamland entry. Not the big RPG guides I've been promising, but at least it's a content update.
3/3/05 Dan, man, we missed you!
Alright, alright, put down the pitchforks, I can explain. I was a little lazy, yes, but a number of other things got in the way of the update. Firstly, winter break arrived before I could finish the full Chrono Trigger hint-through I had then started. I'm presently playing through the game in its FF Chronicles form, and I didn't bring the disc home with me over break. Said document is now far nearer completion, but nonetheless probably won't be ready until at least a month after my spring break (now-ish until a week from now-ish). Since I couldn't finish the CT guide, I tried to do a full Illusion of Gaia puzzle/boss guide at home on my real SNES. But, being an old cart on a real SNES, the game seized some few hours in, and by the time I got the cart working again, my save data was toast. That document, too, exists, but won't be returned to until I have time to recoup my progress in the game on an emulator.
Then, for the next month and a half, I had another 108 or so things to occupy my time thanks to the wonder that is Suikoden III. Suiko III, while too new to feature here, is a kickass game, especially if you play it, in grand fashion, starting from your Suiko II game based off your Suiko I game. Suiko III grandly trumped all interest in the Chrono guide, delaying it even further.
But why would I even bother saying this at all? Because the final item I referenced last update is now extant! Not gaming-related per se, but it too was bumped back by my lack of equipment over winter break and further by Suiko III and Chrono. Without further adieu, I now link you Smoke-Emitting Diodes, my latest, greatest attempt at a webcomic. For all intents and purposes, this update is continued over there, so why not check it out?
12/18/04 Fork, Fork not, or Spoon not.
Brace yourself- I have a substantial content update! There is now a multi-page complete boss/mission walkthrough for MegaMan Legends in the Playstation section.
I also did a little cleaning/reorganazing and fixed a nasty oversight in the TurboGrafx page links as well as a tiny little bit in the TG16 page itself.
Additionally, I have something special in the works which was intended to be a Decemberween present to all 3 people who actually check this site, but as with all the dozen tangential things I try to manage at once, this site included, it may come a little late or not at all :P.
9/17/04 Alright. I'm not even low enough to call this an update. I just want to announce the beginning of the get-Sean-an-iPod drive. I don't ask for money because frankly, for what I do here, I don't deserve it. However, if you appreciate the site and want to guilt me into doing a couple good solid content updates in the not too distant future, you will go to http://www.freeiPods.com/default.aspx?referer=9286378 and sign yourself up for a free iPod with my reference.
Now I'll be honest. It's not quite free- at this point you have to sign up for some cheap other tangential site deal of your choice (I'd highly reccommend myinks.com or some other one-time thing that won't turn into a subscription plan) and get 5 more people to join (work the math on this and you'll see that there's quite the premium for joining as early as possible), but it's far better than full price. Also, in the terms-of-use section it clearly states you are signing up for spam, but friends who have tried the site report they send virtually nothing. Besides, mail filters work wonders.
So there you have it. The whole of my update. Help me get my 20G iPod and within a week after getting it I'll be sure to post some real info and keep updating until you've gotten your effort's worth.
7/19/04 My INT! My INT! Et burns! Et buuuurns!
Hoo boy. Either I've been really busy with the site now or I've been really lazy updating in the past. I'll just leave that one ambiguous for the moment. Either way:
As much for my own record as the world's, I have compiled a pseudo-complete RPG ranking setting out which of the many I've played I find particularly commendable.
I also added an entry to the Playstation page containing a serving and a half of sage advice and the critical missable character list for Suikoden II, as well as some Lunar: Silver Star Story COMPLETE info relevent to the game itself.
If you think your own mental instability is in tune with my own (or at least no more than a PIth sharp, flat or attractively curved), try your hand at the new informal competition at the bottom of my Links & Stuff page.
But of course, the real reason you're here now (and a big hello to all the cool people I met at Connecticon!) is the official release of Psych Software's second great NES title- HexS! It's a strategic board game in the vein of ... alright, ripped (with apologies) from Jason Blochowiak's 1993 DOS game Hexxagon (the gameplay is nearly identical, but I assure you all the code is original). Check it out at the downloads page, or if you're really impatient, you can just click here to get the full package archive with the Bob Rost Certified ROM image, mock-scanned PDF manual, print-your-own manual files and 2 sided box art.
Just don't start expecting 2 games a year regularly. I have a life too... sometimes...
4:00 update:
For your enjoyment, I have uploaded some of the best of my CTcon pics. The most enjoyable by far has to be

but they're all accessible here. And I terribly regret not taking names, so if you see yourself in any of these, don't hesitate to mail! For reference, I myself was probably most noticable wandering around Sunday as Red Mage.
5/5/04 Pie-flavored-pie THAT!
Y'know, I really should name the reviews section the 'Rantings Section.' Ah well. There's a new 'review' of Grandia and Grandia II there whatever it is. Hm. Maybe I should consider making Dreamcast an official element of the site. It is dead, after all...
And one of these days I'll actually add something to the main info database, I promise... It's on my 'to do' list, right after 'learn Esparanto' and 'invade Portugal!'
The afforementioned review was updated 6/1/04, somewhat revising the Grandia II section
4/26/04 Tea with goblin?
Yeh, Iron Chef America was good. Unlike Iron Chef U.S. Unrelatedly, however, Galaxxon: the Third War is now COMPLETE! 6 worlds of top-down arcade action for the NES. Check out the full package (game, packaging, manual) or download the ROM alone from the downloads section. (sorry, to save a little space, I had to take down the alpha demos) Dude. 3 updates, or at least "updates" in one month?! Wow.
4/7/04 Schrodinger's ending...
No update per se, but feel free to check out Galaxxon: The Third War level-complete version 0.20 for NES in the downloads section.
4/3/04 Is Triforce hereditary?
A quite long and raving review of Suikoden and Suikoden 2 has been added to the reviews page. With luck, I may get arround to posting some info/hints in the main PS section in not too long. Also, when I decide not to be lazy again, I'll post a major update on Galaxxon. Probably when I finish the last level BG.
2/22/04 Alright Claris, no more acid before bedtime...
No update per se, but feel free to check out Galaxxon: The Third War version 0.10 for NES in the downloads section. Yeh, it pays to be enrolled in a college willing to support an NES development class.
12/6/03 And if by 'buy' you mean 'sell', then yes...
Shiny new character info on Star Ocean: the Second Story is now available at the Playstation page. Smeg that's a deep game.
I also toyed a wee bit more with the sidebar graphics.
10/17/03 Explitives upon explitives this is a most aggrivatingly inconvenient collection of circumstances...
Just a little more graphics work. The lighted phase of the sidebar links now looks a hair more natural...
10/5/03 I'm not evil! I'm chaotic! Chaotic math!
The Shinobi III overview on the Genesis page is now about as complete as it could be without going into actual level maps. The lesser-known but I must say quite deserving SNES RPG Tales of Phantasia now has a spot on the SNES page, and I'll hopefully be adding more to it as I continue through the game.
8/18/03 Upgraded for maximum smackage!
Link image borders are now gone again. Additionally, I've finished the TG16 (TurboGrafx/PC Engine, associated HuCard & Super CD-ROM systems) page.
Oh, and Happy Birthday to Me! I get to celebrate by cramming my life into a car and making a 4-hour trip to college. Wheee. At least I'll be on a broadband connection from now on.
8/16/03 Magical Elvis combat monkey!
Welcome to the new SGIC! Glad you found me. The dust is still settling, but among the changes already in effect, music is now purely optional, the Arena finally kicked the bucket, I've sketched up some new navigation buttons, and thanks to tables, the colored sidebar shouldn't repeat after x pixels.
I've added an entry on Grandia for Playstation, with ideas for a few more games as I have time to write. I hope to add a NEC TurboGrafx/PCEngine page soon, but for now check out the new HuCard sleeve on the downloads page.
Also, JDE, seanstar's own Java Dance Engine (think DDR) is back with a vengence. Check out all new version 1.0 and tell me what you think!
2/26/03 Can Zero stick to Teflon?
Well, while I could have used JDE as a school project, it would have cost me any help I might have gotten with the assignment, and I would have had to do major source restructuring. As it stands, though, be looking for at least an alpha of a F-zero-esque racer for OSX or perhaps OS9 carbon some time June-ish.
As for new stuff on SGIC, the other day I actually worked out how to solve the block puzzle in the Recycling Center stage of MegaMan X6! See the MMX6 section for details.
Also, in response to viewer feedback, I have replaced the BGSOUND tags on most of my pages with EMBED tags. Resultantly, while music is still present and set to auto-play and loop, if it starts bugging you, you can turn it down or turn it off from the player bar at the top of the page.
2/1/03 No playing Frogger with the ceiling...
On a somber note, I hope something good can come of the Columbia tragedy. I hope even more, however, that we do not let this one tragedy here, happening to people who knew such was a distinct possibility when they took their job, blind us to the greater tragedy Bush is still likely to impose on many more people far away, most of whom never were given an option to stay away from danger. I do not have the resources to judge whether going to war will create more or less tragedy than would occur if we let Iraq be, I only know that by attacking we will disrupt to a much greater extent many more innocent lives than were disrupted today.

On a lighter note, I have received nearly final clearance to use JDE as a for-credit school project. If it goes through, I'll have much more time to work on it, probably with an assistant, and I'll be required to have a final spec, a timetable and some serious progress on a monthly basis. Check in in a week or two for more info!
1/6/03 Don't make me magic your lupine ass!
Added rather lengthy review of the Sonic series. Also replaced all displayed '@'s with s.
10/20/02 Random race encounter!
Added the Shinobi III walkthrough I hinted at to the Genesis Page. If file output in JAVA weren't so pissy about permissions and path names I would probably have a JDE editor by now, but as it is you'll just have to wait.
9/14/02 Bluesconcert... rhythm... EVIL!
JDE Public Beta is now up! New features include background graphics, countdown timer, friendlier loading notification, and support, via file loading, for up to 10 dances!
9/10/02 I need a blue aura...
It's Java. It's DDR (well... almost). It's the one, the only, JDE!!! Public alpha now demoable right here! I hope...
I think I may have done some other trivial updating, but I can't remember right now.
I think it was something MMX related on the PSX page.
7/20/02 Soprano Ukulele Tuning
mmmm... chewy chocolate chip.... I godda cookie! I godda cookie! I godda cookie, hey hey hey hey! Many thanks to Captain Shagrat for his generous donation of sugar to my cause, even when I didn't technically 'remember' where he came from (check out the 'Favorite VG Sword' thread at the OC Remix forum).
On a similar note, look out world: seanstar has found a local source of cheap Pocky in every flavor imaginable!
In terms of new stuff actually at SGIC, take a gander at the Sonic 2 section of the Genesis page. While I have not yet found a cure for HPZ's ailments, I have worked up a set of Game Genie codes to play any level in 2-player mode (well, not quite, but you can at least try. See the entry for more details.).
7/6/02 I'd change my name to Cid if I have to!
Ever mindful of my large Eurasian following, I have come up with a brand new cartridge sleeve for the SEGA MegaDrive! ... What? something about... Genesis? Um... HEY! It takes a lot of time and effort to find just the right font, recolor text and do a couple of graphic exports!! And which one of you suggested that the MegaDrive game I just found used at Funco might have anything to do with it?!? Sheesh... The nerve of some people!
Really, tho. The file is now there for your downloading pleasure, and I'm always interested in hearing from other parts of the world (heck, any fanmail is quite welcome!!). And if anyone were to send me a rare/obscure game/cartridge being/of/related to a system not yet listed, I'd be glad to try a sleeve/cover for it.
7/4/02 Team Omegatron!!
Added one tricky item for MegaMan X6 to the PSX page.
Updated the links page (cutting out two broken links to pages I'm not sure why I tried to make in the first place, added liks to my new-ish MP3 remix site, 8-bit Theater, GPF, RPG World, and Brunching Shuttlecocks.
Added a review of Final Fantasy IX, at the same time expanding the FFVI review.
Started an old news page.
Turned the screenshots & fanart page into an exclusively fanart page, with the addition of two new images.
And, of course, this being a good ol' all-American screamingly, colorfully, flag-wavingly patriotic holiday, I simply must finish with another of my rants:
I'm proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free// And I won't forget the men who died who gave that right to me!
I agree. Wholeheartedly. This is a nation founded on freedom, with liberty and justice for all. Freedom of speech, freedom of religeon, right of assembly, right to petition the government we elect to uphold our values. Liberty to walk free, without prejudice, without fear of oppression, without fear of arrest, innocent until proven guilty, guilt only provable in a trial of our peers. These ideas and ideals are our strength. They have worked for centuries. Why should they fail now? Why should we, all of a sudden, be cowed into believing the government must be right in all its policies, that its unrestricted access to our everyday lives must be essential to our continued prosperity, that the eradication of all people who we ourselves have offended (and perhaps many we haven't yet) will make the world a better place, that justice is getting back at people we don't like in whatever way possible? I know I'm falling off the left side of the political spectrum here, I understand that there are good reasons for many things being the way they are, but I also know that 'because everyone else is doing it' is not a good reason for anything, neither is 'because whomever's in control thinks so' or 'because that's the way it is.' Just take a few minutes in the coming weeks to think for yourself. Think about what really makes sense to you. Think about the benefits of our own ideology (and heaven forbid you also start thinking about the benifits or rationale behind other ideologies!!). See if what you're thinking is really right, if what the government is thinking is really right, shoot down my own philosophy if you like, but put some consideration into all of it. This is our country, and it's our responsibility to keep it that way.
And I thank my lucky stars to be living here today// Where the flag still stands for freedom, and they can't take that away!"
3/30/02 I AM a bowling ball dreaming I'm a plate of sashimi!
New download goodies! How many of you out there are annoyed that Funco no longer provides cartridge sleeves? I am, for one. Especially for NES games. I got my NES used when used was the only way you could get it, and while I've kept all the packaging from any games I've gotten for other systems (yes, it's an obsession, even down to the little Nintendo Power subscription cards), I've been lucky to get any packaging for NES cartridges in the first place. After a few measurements, I realized it was possible, just barely, to make a full sized sleeve out of an 8.5x11 sheet of paper, or tagboard. So I drew up a fold-up sleeve template for NES cartridges and it actually worked. Then I went on and drew up sleeve templates for a few other systems, which was easier, considering that the cartridges are smaller and fit even more nicely. Anyway, I'm babbling now, trying to write this at 11:50 as I watch Red Dwarf, so I'll let you check things out on your own.
1/12/02 still Q'UUD!

Added the SEGA Genesis/MegaDrive page! Quite odd, considering the Genesis 2 was my first console system... I guess by the time I made this page I was too burnt out on Sonic to do anything with it. Anyway, 6 more games have been added under the Genesis header, with more to come when I get around to it. Oh, and blue being most arguably associated with SEGA, SEGA system pages will be blue from here on out, and Sony's will instead be white.
1/11/02 still Q'UUD!
Replaced the airship music on the NES page with MM3 SparkMan music of my own creation, made a few minor corrections to the NES page.
Replaced the MM4 title music on the GB page with the somewhat less harsh password music from MM1, again my own rendition.
1/4/02 Q'UUD!
Removed SYSTEM, as it was crap and I obviously haven't had time to expand it further, despite having what might have been the next 3 strips already drawn.
Added something much more interesting, my very own rantings and ratings on the MegaMan series, to be found on my Reviews page.
Added 'random thought of the update!'
11/12/01 Wow. Yet another commercial airline disaster in NY. It may not be as big as the last one, but having the time, I feel I ought to say something. The biggest issue here is probably that even now we shouldn't be afraid to fly. As much as I didn't support Bush's election, or his 90% approval rating, I'm smart enough to realize that we really do have to count on him now. The only way we're going to get through this is to trust the government and have faith that it will make everything alright again, both by ensuring the safety of air travel and by ending this idiot smegging war people feel the need to fight all of a sudden. We can score just as much of a victory against terrorist organizations by simply not letting them unsettle us as we can by trying to kill them and anyone possibly associated with them. We will certainly look better in the eyes of the world if we find a peacable solution than if we keep up our current campaign of 'bomb it now, ask questons later.' We'll certainly lose fewer Americans if we stop sending bombers into enemy fire and directing special ops teams in near-suicidal strikes, and I have a hunch that the remaining populations of all the non-military sites we've hit so far would agree with me. I don't believe in the least that the terrorists are right in their actions, but if they are so fanatically against us, I can't see them not having some logic and motive behind their actions. I still think it would be worth trying to mend our own ways before we attempt to mend the ways of others, especially if carnage is the only method we can come up with to mend others' ways.
'United we stand.' As overused as teh saying has become, it still applies, and more deeply than most patriots seem to think. By uniting with others in our own country, we can ensure national peace, but the strategy can be applied internationally. If we could get just as close to the world outside our petty borders as we have to eachother inside, I think we'd all be surprised by how suddenly people cease to challenge our unity.
9/22/01 Check out SYSTEM, my brand new poor excuse for an online comic!
9/17/01 I realize I'm nearly a week late on this, but I still feel I should say something. By now, anyone within a ten mile radius of any significant method of communication has heard about the recent terrorist attacks on the Trade Center and the Pentagon. Most people have already formed their own oppinions on what should be done about it, so I may be too late to do any good. None the less, I ask anyone who can to read this, especially if you have any influence in the events that are to come. We must learn not to confuse justice with vengance. Finding the few, few dozen, or even few hundred truely responsible and forcing them to pay to the extent of the law is a sane and logical solution. Finding out what those responsible found at fault with our society, found enough at fault to give their lives to bring down our society, and correcting it to the best of our ability would be a sane logical solution. Going out and killing thousands of innocents to make sure we kill the few we think are responsible for all our problems makes us no better than the terrorists themselves. Treating every person of a race who we're only reasonably certain was involved in the attack as if he/she was him/herself a terrorist is not only putting us at or below the level of the terrorists, but also setting us as a country back over 100 years.
Just because we can recognize certain groups by their skin or religeon doesn't mean it's acceptable to act on such recognition. When Hitler was storming across Europe, were all caucasians evil Nazis? When the Irish are attacking themselves and others over religeon, are all Christians to blame? We didn't drive ourselves away when we killed thousands of innocent men, women and children in Vietnam, and in all these events we were entirely sure of who was responsible. Why should we then be taking the recent events out on anyone with a middle-eastern background simply because we know a middle-eastern man capable of a large-scale terrorist attack?
This is getting longer than I intended, so I'll leave with one last thought. The media says people such as us have been desensitized by video games. At times like this, I may be inclined to agree. I'm not experiencing as much emotion over this issue as it seems I ought to, but I don't consider it as an entirely bad thing. The less emotion you experience, the more logically you can think about an issue, and the more effectively you can respond. I thus encourage everyone, especially those who's minds are not so clouded by sorrow or anger, to consider what the real solution is, and to advocate it to as many others as possible.

Never forget this week's events, or the lives lost, but at the same time, resist the temptation to hate others because of them. God, God of Muslims, Jews, Christians, and all other faiths, bless America.
9/8/01 Another major Arena update, again thanks to someone else showing interest in the site. Being that not everyone who's interested in the Info Center would be entirely interested in the Arena, the Arena now has it's own 'last updated' note, and probably won't be appearing on this table any more.
9/3/01 If you haven't noticed, you need to come here more often. I finally got one of my own MIDIs up, replacing the chocobo snowboard theme from (*minor retch*) FF7 with (*ohmygod*) ANOTHER chocobo theme! Not sure why I use chocobo music so much, first it was just consistency, now it's kinda tradition. Anyway, for all you die-hard FF7 fans, I did leave in the bass solo, the only major part of the FF7 music that isn't represented by the music from the other games (remixed FF4 black chocobo (which includes in its self the normal chocobo music, and the themes from any NES appearances), remixed FF6, and general 'play the theme on virtually all instrument tracks to be really in your face'). Enjoy!