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Welcome to my links/junk page. Feel free to browse. Send any questions to of my pages are under construction, so I may alreadyknow about things I don't have posted. This page is constantly under construction (albiet slowly), so if you find anything wrong, just drop me a note.

Click to change sites (none of these are any way affiliated with me, nor I with them, unless otherwise noted):

-My Game Info Center
-My Downloads Page
-My MP3 remix holding site (likely going down soon, all depends on how much I can fit here by the time I'm done)
-Sluggy Freelance! (really darn nifty online comic)
-Overclocked Remix (high-quality ameteur MP3 remixes from, ideally, every game for every system (including PC) ever made)
-User Friendly (Dilbert cross FoxTrot for Linux fans)
-General Protection Fault (comic about a software company by the same name)
-8-bit Theater (Crazy webcomic based on FF1)
-RPG World (If you find yourself getting all the jokes, you really need to get out more. If you find yourself recognizing the exact games parodied in most scenes, you really need to get out more. If both... okay, so I'm just pathetic.)
-Clan BOB - 76% more Mountain Dew than other online mangas!
-Icy Brian'sHome Page (w/ access to his game sites)
-Playstation Magazine Online
-Ambrosia Software
The (unofficial, sadly) MegaMan Homepage (My god this place is huge! Well layed out too. A must see for MM fans!)
-The Brunching Shuttlecocks (Comedy with a "Runching"!)
-Metroid Database
-Video Game Music Archive
-The Oficcial Red Dwarf Website
***If you think it would be worth it, try to earn the SGIC Seal of Niftyness! To enter your page, simply send an E-mail to with the subject line as "Web Page Entry" including your name (or at least screen name), site address, and 3 reasons why your page deserves to be #1. If I believe your page is better than the current winner, The MegaMan Homepage, I will award you a custom GIF to stick on your page (similar to the one shown), and a direct link to your page from earlier in this paragraph. Even if you're eventually beaten, you can still keep the award! Just a heads up: What I'm looking for here are nice, quality personal pages, not professional sites. It is possible to make a quality site without the aid of large companies and million dollar software. (Heck, I made this site using only Simple Text, Graphic Converter and GIF builder, all shareware/freeware apps!)

C'mon! You didn't actually believe I'd give you a copy of a real award to steal and post on your page! This one's just a demo. If you want the real thing, earn it!

** If page design really isn't your shindig, here's another chance to get your name up in lights at SGIC- simply tell me what the smeg was going through my head for any Random Thought of the Update posted on the main page or in the update archive. Be specific- most of them came at a certain plot point, or at least from a certain recurring/repetitive in-game activity (hint- check the ambient updates for clues). A few come from forum threads (OCR, Emuscene, ClanBob) or live group events. If you have no clue, write in anyway. If I find your explanation more fitting than my own, that itself is sufficient proof of your insanity, and at very least you'll probably entertain me!

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