This is my game art page. To submit a picture, E-mail it to me with some appropriate subject line (address on main page). I'll evaluate the picture and decide wheather to post it (I can say no,but usually I won't). I now have some self-drawn icons for use in games, if anyone reading this is a programmer. My only conditions for using my art is that A: you tell me, and B: I get at least a demo version of the game.

This rather large pic is one of my rare attempts at actually hand-drawing stuff. If you don't get it, read 8-Bit Theater.

Many profuse thanks to Mandi Paugh for permitting me to post this! A newer version of this image, along with many others, can be found at, along with the largest archive of other MegaMan info and material I have seen to date.
NOTE: I here repeat- this is NOT my work and it is NOT public domain! If you think you have need to use this image, or any other on/from, please read through this page and contact Mandi first!

I'm always surprised at the random people I meet online. This piece is by a Spanish lady who currently has my Mk. III on her own page (the address I have to which, sadly, seems to have expired). Nice work!

This next one was done by me. Thanks to the 10/29/01 revision, it is now indisputably better than Tang's MS paint tank (hey, what do you expect after 3 years?)

The following was submitted by Tang777.