Antiquity: something belonging to or remaining from ancient times, as monuments, relics, or customs.

In Japanese culture, there is an implication of transience. All things are made, all things are unmade. All things have a beginning, all things come to an end. I, however, am an American and an Engineer. If it has potential value, I'll save it, even if it just sits somewhere collecting dust. Here be the realm of discontinued projects, obsoleted documents, and the occasional insight into my distant past. Contents are provided as-is, likely somewhat broken, and if I ever touch or update them, it's only because I'm in a particularly strange mood.

Last Update Info
Oct. 21, 2006 Founded in the early '90s on AOL, refurbished once, and pretty much ignored ever since. Has a collection of tips and tricks for some of my early favorite classic console games. Modern value is probably limited to the Sonic 2 custom Game Genie hackery and a few of my early game reviews. Still, I remember when some of my own favorite game reference sites on .edu domains went away and how I lost a chunk of info I never bothered to memorize, so SGIC will likely persist in some form as long as it's not a pain to manage.