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Studio Philosophy

Ever wonder what makes a good game? Is it the graphics? The sound? The story? The difficulty curve? Certainly these all have their part to play, yet a single unified answer remains elusive, and I'm sure you can think of many instances in which a game has performed admirably on any number of 'key' factors and yet been an entertainment failure. Fundamentally, however, games are about having fun, and if the designer doesn't have fun making the game, it's a safe bet that no single technical triumph is going to save it from mediocrity.

My name is Sean Kelly. I am a game designer, and this is my label. I have fun making games without worrying about pushing the bleeding edge. I work with the tools I have available to make the games I want to see. This is a rare luxury in the modern game industry, largely because it is a financial dead-end. Consequently, this is not my job (donations are appreciated...), but rather a liberation from my job, done out of a passion for the field. I can't promise you'll love everything you find here, but if you do find anything worth getting psyched up about... let's just say it wasn't an accident.

Welcome to Psych Software. Enjoy your stay!

I should note that I myself am sighted. After connecting with a blind gamer and trying out a few audio games, I realized that the genre offers some engaging design and development challenges that I don't usually face in video games, and the field could probably stand to have another developer with some formal game design training. And since I was bored and hadn't actually made any games in months, I decided to jump in. Bear with me- I'll try to have anything I post here fully playtested and comprehensible by the time it's released. However, I've already run into some points where design and mechanic concepts have fallen flat and needed reworking or reinstructing, and if anything in these games just doesn't work or doesn't make sense, speak up. If you aren't having fun, you aren't being a bad player, I'm just being a bad developer!
I can be reached with feedback at at sean at psych soft ware dot org. If you just follow that mailto link, though, be sure to remove the "dot spam bots go away" from the address before sending.

Audio Game Catalog

All Psych Software audio games are fully self-voicing and require no additional software or peripherals in their stand-alone versions. Games built on the Unity 3D game engine ought not to require particularly new hardware, as they don't have visuals and visuals are where Unity would likely bog down, so I won't give formal minimum requirements. If you run into difficulty, let me know. The first time you try any games out in the Unity Webplayer, you will be prompted to install the Unity Webplayer. It's a simple automated process no more painful than installing Flash Player.


First of a potential series of Psych Software audio game titles. Move your catcher to collect and match falling tone tiles. This game will test your listening, memory and reflex through a limitless progression of levels in the classic style of early video arcades. Toneix is built on the Unity 3D game engine, and as with all Psych Software audio titles, Toneix is fully self-voicing and requires no additional software or peripherals in stand-alone versions.
For 1 player only... at present.
Click here to the feature-complete Toneix beta on Unity Webplayer.
Because Toneix is no longer being maintained, and the Unity game engine has changed significantly, the webplayer may no longer run. As such, I am now providing the built executables:
This link downloads a zip of the Toneix game for Windows. My development machine is not Windows, so I have not tested it. Let me know if it doesn't work.
This link downloads a zip of the Toneix game for Mac desktop (OSX). It runs on OSX 10.9.5, I do not know what the minimum and maximum system requirements are.